Simple sheet cakes.

Let’s be honest, wedding cakes are rarely necessary. The reality is, that an expensive cake is not worth the money. Tradition may say that you need to cut the cake with your significant other, but it’s YOUR wedding. Do what you want.

What is your favorite dessert? Why not serve that at your wedding: pies, cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, etc. If cake is what you really want, try sheet cakes! When you have a large tiered cake, it looks beautiful on the table with the unnecessary sequins tablecloth, but it doesn’t look so great when it’s sliced up and served to your guests. Sheet cakes are easily sliced and given out to your guests.

Looking for a vendor? Research the local bakeries (not necessarily “wedding cake vendors”) or ask a friend to make your dessert. You’ll more than likely save yourself a buck or two!.

Learn from our mistake turned miracle: we wanted a simple cake for the bride and groom and sheet cakes to serve our guests; however, we paid a deposit to a bakery who had an elaborate setup at a wedding expo that lured us right in. As it turned out we decided that we didn’t really like the vendor (the place smelled like urine - YIKES!). We lost our deposit, and were in crunch mode.

We took a chance and inquired of the bakery inside our local Fry’s (Smith’s, Kroger, Fred Meyer or some other name depending on region). We were expecting 165 guests so we weren’t sure they would be able to accommodate us with such a short timeline.

The cost of ordering from the grocery store was drastically less than any of the bakeries we inquired with and guess what, everybody loved the cake! Fry’s pulled through with exactly what we were hoping for - marble sheet cakes for our guests and a round, multiple layered marble cake (with chocolate mousse between the two layers) for us to share on our wedding day, on our honeymoon, and at our one year anniversary as well.

Our layered marble cake with chocolate mousse between the two layers was amazing on our wedding day. It was even better two days later after walking all around Las Vegas when we were soaking our feet in the jacuzzi and enjoying another forth of our cake. However, on our one year anniversary, we ditched the chocolate mousse portion, but still enjoyed the marbled cake portion.

Are you wanting to save your wedding cake for your one year anniversary? Wrap it well in plastic wrap and then wrap in aluminum foil. Try to keep it in an area of your freezer that doesn’t get warmed up and cooled each time the freezer is open. When you’re ready to enjoy, let your cake thaw at room temperature for a few hours before digging in.